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About Me

My name is Claudia Rowen, and I am a Suzuki Violin Teacher, certified through book 4. I have also been a Suzuki student and parent. I have taught violin for almost 20 years. I taught the strings class at Concordia High School for several years, and got interested in composing and arranging. My tune Rowen's Choice, was winner of the American Viola Society's Best Viola Tune at the Eleventh Annual Nebraska American String Teachers Association Fiddle Tune Composition Contest. Here are some more compositions.

I took violin lessons from 5th grade through my 2nd year of college. I did about 2 years of music studies in college but my bachelor's degree is in math.

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If you want to see me play, you can see me on You Tube . My daughter plays very well. Though he lacked the same enthusiasm, my son did well too, but he no longer plays.